Listed and Warranted Plastic Gas Vents

Currently there are only a few manufacturers that actually warranty/sanction the use of their product in the flue gas arena. Also Polypropylene, known as PP or PPS, is being brought to the USA from Europe where it has been successfully installed for over 15 years – PPS is fully recyclable and does not harm the environment when manufactured. These are VERY quickly gaining recognition with Appliance manufacturers, local authorities having jurisdictions, and owners.

To be clear, PVC/CPVC manufacturers NOT listed below do not warranty their plastics for use as a flue gas conduit.


Sample Specifications

Prefabricated single wall system listed to UL-1738 (only Centrotherm) and ULC-S636 Gas Vent for Category II and IV Appliances. PVC Gas Vent shall be designed for a maximum 148°F, CPVC Gas Vent for maximum 194°F, or PPS Gas Vent for maximum 248°F and positive pressure of 20” W.C.

Complete with: factory appliance flue connector, elbows, gas vent supports, roof flashings, and termination. All items specifically as pecified by Appliance and Gas Vent manufacturers installation instructions for a 10 year warranty.

Submit AutoCAD Drawings with Draft Calculations showing that the vent system is in complete compliance with both the Appliance and Vent manufacturers’ installation instructions.

 Plastic Gas Vents
 Plastic Gas Vents