Laundry Exhaust Systems


The Laundry Exhaust System (LES) maintains a constant pressure in the laundry exhaust system. Designed with EC-Flow Technology™, the LES takes advantage of US Draft Co. bi-directional pressure transducer and proprietary PID technology to rapidly respond to varying manifold pressures due to load changes in the laundry exhaust system. Utilizing the Truline™ MEF Multi-use Exhaust Fan and an L-series control, the system can receive a start signal through a current sensing relay or may run continuously.


Sample Specifications

The following published specification standards, test or recommended methods of trade, industry or governmental organizations apply to work in the section:

1. UL – Underwriters Laboratories
2. ANSI Z223.1
3. NFPA211
4. National Electrical Code

The entire clothes dryer booster shall be constructed of 5052 Aluminum. The clothes dryer booster shall be constructed of minimum .060 thickness. The clothes dryer booster housing shall be continuously welded to insure liquid tight construction. Inline models shall include NTP threaded drains for condensate removal continuously welded to the booster housing. The booster shall be meet (AMCA) 99-0401 Type B spark resistant construction.

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The LES meets all requirements for the National and International Fuel Gas Codes and the Uniform & International Mechanical Codes.

Laundry Exhaust System
Laundry Exhaust System