Mechanical Sales Co. consults with local specifying engineers in reviewing gas vent and chimney routings and sizings. We provide performance analysis to assure safe and efficient ventilation of flue gases.

Specialized sizing software assures confirmation to ASHRAE and Code standards. We understand how important generic specifications are; Our standard specifications include all manufacturers distributed in the Georgia market – even our competition!

Design-build contractors can appreciate our common sense approach – offering the lowest cost system that meets or exceeds safety standards. Our extensive experience helps us develop many different guaranteed solutions. We think outside the box!



At Mechanical Sales Co., we pride ourselves on timely quotations. On project bid days, we strive to have every venting system takeoff done so estimators can get the quote back quickly.

We appreciate the need for design development or progress plans. Our experienced staff can produce tight budget numbers for these plans. Mechanical Sales Co. uses a quality venting bill of materials software which permits us to quickly estimate a project – in a matter of seconds! The generated bill of materials meets the exact application and warranty requirements of the venting manufacturing and is as tight as if an AutoCAD drawing was done – except that you don’t need to wait days!

Our massive product volume from the manufacturers assures you are getting the most competitive price. We believe, item to item, no one can match our prices!


We pride ourselves in offering the most complete submittals. Submittals always include references to applicable specifications, Codes, and Standards. They may include sizings and AutoCAD drawings – however sometimes we simply take responsibility, and clearly state this, to assure that is done when the equipment is set in place.

Job Site Measuring

Mechanical Sales Co. travels to jobsites and carefully field measures the flue system with your installer. After the field measurements have been taken, we double check all chimney capacities, ensuring that the flue system routing still meets all national code. We then generate customized AutoCAD assembly drawings, and typically have the product delivered to you the very the next day.

AutoCAD Drawings

Mechanical Sales Co. provides detailed AutoCAD installation drawings for every system we sell. This ensures that the installation can be done in one jobsite visit – with all components necessary to meet appliance manufacturers’ requirements and code.

We always provide slip adjustable lengths between fittings, giving you the most flexibility in the field.

Startup Services

While most gas vents and chimneys are simply engineered sheet metal systems with no moving parts, we do offer mechanical draft inducers, chimney fans, and power venters when needed.

We know what we sell and provide jobsite assistance when needed. Our in-house draft engineers are experienced in tying together systems that include the appliance, gas vent or chimney, and mechanical draft controls.

Lunch and Learns

Besides being guest speakers for numerous ASHRAE and ASPE meetings over the years, Mechanical Sales Co. staff regularly conduct lunch and learns for specifying engineers and contractors. We enjoy actually teaching you about draft technology and showing reasons why codes and standards address certain venting issues.

At Mechanical Sales Co., we believe the more you know about chimney and draft performance the more you will appreciate our services!

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